Hey there,

I’m Bryan, a product designer with a great passion for interaction design, visual design, and technology. Currently working at Somnox to design the future of sleep and rid the world of insomnia.

In the past 6+ years, I have explored many different areas in design, ranging from advertisement design, UX design to designing hardware and molds for manufacturing. Through this exploration, I was able to identify what I like and don’t like so much in design. I discovered that my biggest interest is in designing meaningful product interactions and experiences, whether they be physical- or digital products.
I’d like to use my design skills to contribute to a better society, which is why I mostly find myself working on projects related to healthcare, mental wellbeing, and sustainable energy.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me either doodling on some random piece of paper or planning my next city trip.

Life motto: “Just focus on the next step


Technical University Delft
Msc. Integrated product design
2019 – 2021
Technical University Eindhoven
BSc. Industrial design
2014 – 2018


Product UX designer
2019 – present

Dental robotics (intern)
Industrial designer
2018 – 2019

Bitware Tech (intern)
UX designer
Merchandise designer
2017 – 2018

Various web & graphic design projects
2016 – present

I enjoy capturing random stuff that I see on the streets with my DSLR during these city trips. It helps me take a moment and appreciate the beauty of the simple things around me. It’s easy to take those for granted.

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