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2021 - 2022 • UX & visual design

Somnox is a ‘natural’ solution to sleeping problems. The product has so far helped thousands of people improve their sleep. The product consists of a physical product (a robotic pillow) and a companion app that controls it.

As an in-house designer at Somnox, one of my responsibilities is the companion app. I’m responsible for the interaction and visual design of new features and ensuring that our engineers implement each feature correctly.

Visual restyling

I joined the app team when Somnox was in the middle of preparing to launch their new product: Somnox 2. For the launch, the company has undergone a rebranding. My task was to restyle the app according to our new visual identity to ensure we had a consistent look and feel across all customer touchpoints. While doing so, we improved the visual hierarchies of all screens to enhance the app’s usability.

Users and our customer support team were closely involved in the restyling of the app. Regular online task analysis sessions were performed with our target users to identify usability issues in the app.

Based on rebranded visual identity, I made a new style guide for the App. I designed a new color scheme, components, UI elements, and illustrations for the App.

New features

Besides the visual design, I’m also in the lead in designing new features. Since joining the app team, we have successfully developed and deployed several new features to thousands of users. The features range from a chat function with our support to an entirely new interface and flow for streaming music to the Somnox robot.

We have successfully developed and deployed several new features to thousands of users.


Bryan Yip – Design
Maarten Corpel – Design
Hoye Lam – Development
Kiran Rao – Development

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