Refining the Somnox brand

2021 • brand design • UX design

Somnox provides a natural solution to sleeping problems by harnessing the power of breathing. Their first product, the Somnox Sleep Robot, has helped thousands of people improve their sleep. Now 2 years after the launch of Somnox Sleep Robot, they were ready to announce their newer, improved product: Somnox 2. I was tasked to refine their visual brand identity and was involved in producing new brand assets to ensure that everything regarding the product launch had a consistent look & feel.

Starting with a strategy

The first step was to establish a clear strategy for our new visual identity. Defining this strategy required a thorough understanding of Somnox’s customers and clear communication with important stakeholders within the company.

The refined brand identity document provided clear guidelines for defining an art direction for the photoshoot.

Next to the visual brand identity design, I was also responsible for designing the packaging and the color palette of the actual product. We went for a monochromatic color scheme based on Somnox’s primary brand color since we wanted to evoke an emotion of calmness and relief.

Lastly, I was also involved in redesigning the website to make it ready for the product launch.


Bryan Yip – Design
Baginda Tirtadji – Strategy
Lianne Siemensma – Strategy
Luca Halma – Photography
Jeroen Feron – Web development
Joel Breems – Web development

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