Brand & website design for The Coffeeboys

2018 • Brand design

The Coffeeboys was founded by two friends that had a passion for travel and coffee. The company specializes in supplying “exotic” coffee beans from all around the world. They reached out to me with the assignment to design their brand and a small webshop.

Capturing the elements of Adventure and Treasure

There are two elements that I wanted to capture in their brand, which was “adventure”, which symbolizes their passion for travel, and “treasure”,  which symbolizes the uniqueness of the coffee beans. These elements are reflected in the visual language, tone of voice, and all brand assets.

Logo design

The logo shows a compass, with a coffee bean in its center, symbolizing the journey of searching for unique coffee beans.


For the visual language, we took inspiration from the aesthetics during the European Age of Exploration. But I gave it a slightly modern twist to appeal to today’s customers.


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