Amari Tea

2022 • Visual identity design

Amari tea brings the Asian tea culture to the European market. Instead of regular tea bags, Amari tea supplies high-quality and organic loose leaves from Japan for you to brew your own healthy cup of tea whenever you want.  

My assignment was to design a visual identity for Amari tea. The client wanted an identity that conveyed the following keywords: “hip”,” “oriental,” and “organic.”

The original logo will not be legible when it’s down-sized (e.g., business cards.) I offered a logo redesign, where we kept the original concept but made incremental changes. I chose a bolder and younger font, making it more appealing to the target audience. Furthermore, I redesigned the leaf logomark so it would fit the typography.

Together with the client, we created an image board. We did this to get an alignment on the direction of the look and feel of the visual identity.

Based on the visual identity, I designed the packaging of their Tea products. For the visual identity, we implemented oriental details and chose some colorful yet earthy pastels to reflect the “organic” element of the brand.


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